Art Critic Saša Bogojev Article〈Tan Yongqing:Fantexi (范特西) 〉

Fantasy is the activity of imagining actions and ideas beyond the constrains of reality. Once those are curbed within the sphere of factuality, one is simply thinking. So, the appealing quality of fantasy is how close or far it can get from reality, or at least possible reality. The fact that it’s generally improbable according to common knowledge, makes it both fascinating and entertaining.

Burning at the Edges

“Burning at the Edges” features a number of large scale works recently acquired by Longlati Foundation in response to the theme of minority and multi-minority cultures, including the “Domes” series Y.Z. Kami’s (b.1956, Tehran, Iran), the jute sack works of Ibrahim Mahama (b. 1987, Tamale, Ghana), the black-and-white paintings by Adam Pendleton (b. 1984, Richmond, Virginia, United States).  The exhibition will explore how these three artists transform sacred architecture, globalized commodities, propaganda and graffiti texts, while exploring the meaning of fluid identities and the inherent conflicts within. The exhibition is produced by Longlati Foundation.

Tan Yongqing: Fantasy

Curated by Yang Jian, “Fantasy” is Tan Yongqing’s (b.1990, Shijiazhuang) first institutional show in China.  Driven by the idea of “Decade after Decade”, this is the first time for Longlati Collection and Patronage Program to present the stage achievements of the practices of post-90s Chinese artists since its launch in 2017, among which Tan Yongqing has long been concerned and given strong back to. This exhibition carries a substantial research into the huge triptych by Tan Yongqing, which is the most significant piece in the artist’s recent works. Commissioned by Longlati Foundation in 2020, it responds to the great proposition of “art meets technology” for Longlati Collection and Patronage Program.

Artist Statement by Manuel Mathieu

On the whole show: there are 2 categories of works in the show, those collected by Longlati before and those made for the show.

For the works made for the show, I was influenced by the concept of traveling, of sea and sky, of navigating on a boat. So, there are works referring to horizon like Milles Horizon. The Portrait on the Surface tries to imagine faces seen below the surface of the water. Les Immortels is a reference to the Ship of Fools (cf. Pu Yingwei’s images). The work The Swells Within refer to the waves. In this case it is a person who has waves inside.

Longlati Reading Workshop#3 | The Material Landscapes Along the Silk Road

Longlati Reading Workshop#3:The Material Landscapes Along the Silk Road   Longlati Foundation invites four members of the Writer Collecting Committee to propose a Long Read session every quarter, generating multi-dimensional narratives around the foundation’s collections and exhibition projects. In response to Manuel Mathieu’s recent solo exhibition “Silk Road Traveler, Lethe’s Wanderer,” Li Suchao initiates the…