Initiated in September 2021, Longlati Writers’ Acquisition Committee, Shanghai, is formed by four Shanghai-based writers, Jenny Chen, Zian Chen, Suchao Li, Evonne Jiawei Yuan, who are actively involved in the local art scene. It aims to promote the intellectual exchange between writers and emerging artists. They will organize monthly visits to gallery and museum exhibitions in Shanghai, conduct research into the works and develop acquisition proposals. Each of them will nominate artists and evaluate each other’s opinions, then make votes to make new additions to the Collection of Longlati Foundation every month.


进入“墙后(Behind the Wall)”展览的展厅,首先映入眼帘的是墙体刷成明黄色的六菱形亭阁,探身而入,视线便与拱形门廊框定的黑人肖像四目相对。这是一位有着如同埃贡·席勒(Egon Schiele)画作般模糊面孔的男子,身着花衣,侧身但正面注视着对位的来者。环顾而视,左右墙壁上各自悬挂着更大尺幅的肖像,一幅是优雅的身着红绿波点花纹的披肩发黑人女士,另一幅,画中身着白T的黑人青年身体前倾,表露出与人交谈的兴致。