Silk Road Traveler, Lethe’s Wanderer —Manuel Mathieu’s World-Building Painting Comes to China

Longlati Foundation is honored to present “Silk Road Traveler, Lethe’s Wanderer”, the solo exhibition of Manuel Mathieu (b.1986, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti) curated by Chinese artist Pu Yingwei, which marks the launch of Longlati Curatorial Exchange Program, a pioneering gesture of the foundation to demonstrate “exhibition as form” when artists are playing the role of curator. The body of work on show this time includes Mathieu’s earlier paintings acquired by Longlati Foundation and new pieces devised around the concepts of traveling, of sea and sky, of navigating on a boat, which are influenced by his discussions with Pu Yingwei. In return, Mathieu will also curate Pu Yingwei’s solo exhibition next year at Longlati Foundation. The following is the exhibition text written by Pu Yingwei:

Laure Prouvost: Theatergarden and A Be(a)stiary of the Anthropocene

Produced by Longlati Foundation, “Theatergarden and A Be(a)stiary of the Anthropocene” presents its collection of paintings and glass sculptures by Laure Prouvost (b.1978, Lille, France) along with an array of mediums that span installation, hand-woven tapestry and video from the artist’s recent practice. The body of work portrays the disorientation of life-(trans)form in the face of global climate change, while mapping the precariousness of modern language beyond sociopolitical confines.


Initiated in September 2021, Longlati Writers’ Acquisition Committee, Shanghai, is formed by four Shanghai-based writers, Jenny Chen, Zian Chen, Suchao Li, Evonne Jiawei Yuan, who are actively involved in the local art scene. It aims to promote the intellectual exchange between writers and emerging artists. They will organize monthly visits to gallery and museum exhibitions in Shanghai, conduct research into the works and develop acquisition proposals. Each of them will nominate artists and evaluate each other’s opinions, then make votes to make new additions to the Collection of Longlati Foundation every month.

Longlati基金会 | 驻·居·思:写给上海的四月日记



借用德国哲学家海德格尔在〈筑·居·思〉(Building Dwelling Thinking)一文中提出的空间观念——个体必须通过其在空间中的“逗留”来理解其“存在”与“栖居”状态,此次分享以间断性的“驻”作为核心命题来统摄建设性的“筑”与日常性的“住”,并将其追溯到这段时间里所有触手可及之事物及其所属的领域之中。

此次分享亦邀请到与Longlati基金会有所合作的驻沪画廊业者代表——蔡珺珺、Francois Ho、王若琳、周冰心、张哲源——联合发声。


1998年,在伦敦读书的卢杰在反思中国当代艺术发展中缺乏历史观、哲学、文化研究理念的状况时,想到了以“长征”这样一个结构去重新回顾、思考、重走,把历史与当下串联在一起的艺术行动。这便是日后在中国当代艺术发展史上具有重要影响力的 “长征计划”诞生的渊源。卢杰提出“将当代艺术放置于人民群众当中去进行相互校验,改变当代中国艺术与生活脱节、与大众的需求脱节的圈子化精英主义现状,创造富有生机的文化艺术局面”[1]的理念,尽管不乏其理想主义精神,对于卢杰的理论研究学者身份和“长征空间”创始人的身份,长征计划的浪漫性和它的严肃性,学术性和它的草根性,政治性和它的社会性,观念性和它的可视性…在2002年中国当代艺术市场化的发展最为迅猛的时间节点上的启程,都让今天重新审视这场具有宏大野心的艺术运动的初衷和传承意义重大。