Longlati Foundation is pleased to announce that Su Yu-Xin (b.1990, Taiwan) will be the recipient of its Artist-in-Residence Program for the 2021–22 cycle. She will set up her major studio in the Foundation’s new space launched at the Bund, Shanghai to conduct a year-long project of color study and painting practice.

The practice of post-90s Chinese artists has long been a focus of Longlati Foundation. Besides the orderly progress of its Collection and Patronage Program, the Foundation also seeks to effectively integrate its unique resources and provide more opportunities for young talents to create larger, more ambitious works of art.

The residency will be followed by a solo exhibition of the artist. The themed presentation paralleled with a selection of works from the Collection of Longlati Foundation is aimed to identify the trajectory of the artist’s early career and her theoretical path. All art made during the residency belongs to the artist.

As the first recipient of Longlati Artist-in-Residence Program, Su Yu-Xin will work with the four members of the Writer’s Acquisition Committee (Shanghai) and research into the specific scheme of the Collection of the Foundation. She will initiate open studio events each season to generate in-depth dialogue with scholars, critics and curators of the local community.


About the Artist


Su Yu-Xin considers painting as a place where multiple disciplines and various perceptual capacities intersect. Painters have always played a vital role in the visual art industry, and the medium of painting reflects the discovery and re-invention of the material world. Hence, paintings bear witness to the history of the exchange between cultures and nature and project the painter’s role through wars and migrations; they manifest territorial invasions and restitutions, and the exploitation of pigments and their trades. While the history of painting often emphasizes the stylistic evolution of image production, the technology of color pigments also evolves contemporaneously. Su Yu-Xin collects, studies, and processes these color substances scattered on the earth’s crust and invents a new order on the painting surface through drawing, compression, and accumulation. For her, such landscape painting is a geological practice of rearranging plants, minerals, organic and synthetic matters.