On the occasion of successfully completing its inaugural residency program, Longlati Foundation is pleased to announce that Zhang Yibei (b. 1992) has been selected as the artist-in-residence for the next year (2022-23). This month, she will take up residence in the Foundation’s artist studio at Bund Space in Shanghai for a year-long creative practice.

Longlati Foundation Appoints Jenny Jiaying Chen as Art Director

Longlati Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Jenny Jiaying Chen as Art Director, who has assumed her new position on March 1, 2023.

Jenny Jiaying Chen has been with Longlati Writers’ Acquisition Committee (Shanghai) since the fall of 2021. In this new position, she will work closely with Longlati’s team to fully engage in exhibition coordination and curation, establish connections with external institutions, reach full communication, and explore international collaboration possibilities. At the same time, she will combine her own research with exhibitions, publications, and public programs to provide a more diverse academic context for Longlati’s collection and patronage program, to explore the practices of international women artists, minority and multiple minority groups, and post-1990 Chinese artists in the twentieth century, and to promote cross-regional, cross-community and cross-cultural dialogue. As a scholar focusing on the frontiers of inquiry, Jenny will also dive into Longlati Foundation’s collection to realize a forward-looking group exhibition project based on sorting and organizing the artists’ cases.