News | Longlati Foundation’s Writers’ Acquistion Committe(Shanghai) 2021.9 Collection

In September 2021, during the process of visiting new exhibitions at galleries and institutions, four members of the Longlati Writers’ Acquisition Committee (Shanghai) noticed two female artists born in the 1990s: Zhang Yibei (born in Daqing, Heilongjiang, in 1992) and Liao Wen (born in Chengdu, Sichuan, in 1994). Focusing on sculpture creation and the development of its language, they each employ conceptual or material-driven visual methodologies in their practices. However, they also incorporate elements of corporeality that exist between performance and action within the expanded field of sculpture, thereby forming an open strategy of media interchange. Based on the selection and resolution by the Longlati Writers’ Collection Committee (Shanghai), the Longlati Foundation gladly announces the acquisition of Zhang Yibei’s work “At the pinnacle of despair” (2021) and Liao Wen’s work “The Garden of Adonis” (2021).

News | Sydney Shen “Puritan Salvage Demolition Co. pencil” —— Writers’ Acquisition Committee(Shanghai) 2021 Collection

Sydney Shen (born in 1989 in New Jersey, currently based in New York) is a Chinese-American female artist who has garnered attention from the members of the Longlati Foundation’s Writers’ Acquisition Committee (Shanghai), including Chen Jiaying, Chen Xi’an, Li Suchao, and Yuan Jiawei, in their respective research practices. In her debut exhibition in Shanghai titled “Misery Whip,” presented at Gallery Vacancy in early 2021, Shen combines sculpture, installations, and immersive environments that blend human corporeal history, medical history, archaeological found objects, contemporary symbols, and science fiction narratives. These works create a mirrored reality of the real world, reflecting the tension and intricate texture of constructive practices. In her subsequent solo project titled “Cupio Dissolvi” at Liste Art Fair Basel, the artist further explores one of her signature visual languages. By magnifying and scaling ordinary everyday objects to the point of alienation and weaponization, Shen reflects on internal conflicts, divisions, and renewal within oneself.