Muhua Li: Alles in Ordnung

“Alles in Ordnung” will present the second residency artist, Muhua, showcasing the results of a one-year residency at Longlati. The exhibition will feature 22 pieces on canvas and wood panels, demonstrating the painting language developed during the residency.

Silk Road Traveler, Lethe’s Wanderer —Manuel Mathieu’s World-Building Painting Comes to China

Longlati Foundation is honored to present “Silk Road Traveler, Lethe’s Wanderer”, the solo exhibition of Manuel Mathieu (b.1986, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti) curated by Chinese artist Pu Yingwei, which marks the launch of Longlati Curatorial Exchange Program, a pioneering gesture of the foundation to demonstrate “exhibition as form” when artists are playing the role of curator.