Longlati Reading Workshop#3 | The Material Landscapes Along the Silk Road

Longlati Reading Workshop#3:The Material Landscapes Along the Silk Road   Longlati Foundation invites four members of the Writer Collecting Committee to propose a Long Read session every quarter, generating multi-dimensional narratives around the foundation’s collections and exhibition projects. In response to Manuel Mathieu’s recent solo exhibition “Silk Road Traveler, Lethe’s Wanderer,” Li Suchao initiates the…


Initiated in September 2021, Longlati Writers’ Acquisition Committee, Shanghai, is formed by four Shanghai-based writers, Jenny Chen, Zian Chen, Suchao Li, Evonne Jiawei Yuan, who are actively involved in the local art scene. It aims to promote the intellectual exchange between writers and emerging artists. They will organize monthly visits to gallery and museum exhibitions in Shanghai, conduct research into the works and develop acquisition proposals. Each of them will nominate artists and evaluate each other’s opinions, then make votes to make new additions to the Collection of Longlati Foundation every month.