Dust that Rides the Wind

The Su’ao-Hualien Railway in eastern Taiwan and the Pacific Railway in the United States face each other across the ocean. These are monuments to the suffering of Asian immigrants and Taiwanese indigenous who migrated and labored in the global colonial past, and the fruits of man’s great ambition to transform nature after the Industrial Revolution. And these two railways are also entangled with Su Yu-Xin’s family history and her own locus of migration. In Su’s solo exhibition “Dust that rides the Wind”, the two railways, as “Water Close to Land (Coastal Road on the East Side of Taiwan)”, and “A Place of the Coming and Going (Snow Shed of CPRR Near Cisco),” are repeatedly depicted as seaside cliffs and mountain tunnels.   The light illuminates the ocean as well as the road way, shinning and shifting from bright to dark, in various tones of gold and emerald.