Sponsored Post-90s Artists

Over the next ten years, Longlati will select five to ten outstanding artists born after 1990 for a sponsored collection program lasting the full decade. In gradually shaping a cohesive and unique contemporary art collection, Longlati will focus on the fusion of art, science, and technology, encompassing both art in traditional mediums with transcendental meaning and avant-garde art that emphasizes innovation and new media. Longlati will also provide artists with exhibition and collection opportunities at museums around the world.

The collection plan is guided by Longlati’s robust academic research. To this end, Longlati will build a specialized research platform that will form broad and deep connections with other areas of knowledge (including art history, art theory, literature, and music, as well as astrophysics and other natural sciences).

The research platform will bring together artists, curators, art theorists, and professionals in other fields from around the world. Through curatorial projects, workshops, public events, archives, publications, and databases, Longlati will further expand upon the achievements presented on the research platform, supporting new vitality in the art world.

Marina Adams

Ma Qiusha, Wonderland-Black Diamond, 2019, Cement, nylon stocking, plywood, resin, steel, 240 x 360 x 5.3 cm Longlati Foundation Collection b. 1982 in Beijing, China Lives and works in Beijing, China EDUCATION 2008 MFA, Electronic Integrated Art, Alfred University, NY, United States 2005 BFA, Digital Media studio of The Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing,…